Conflict Resolution Process

The Conflict Resolution Process is grounded in restorative practices that promotes dialogue as a means to increase understanding and enact change. The process can be enacted as the result of a conflict or harm created that may or may not be a violation of the Code. The Conflict Resolutin Process is faciliated using one of the methods below. 

  • Educational Conversations: Educational Conversations provide an opportunity for a facilitator and the student(s) involved in an incident to discuss community standards, better understand individual perspective, and foster dialogue around the impact of one’s behavior on others and the community.
  • Conferences/Facilitated Dialogues: Conferences bring together members of the community who have been impacted by an event or incident, allowing both victims and accused to have honest dialogue in a space where all members may speak and ask questions. Conferences are a non-agressive way to rebuild trust, community, and relationships while also focusing on gaining understanding and reaching a mutually desired outcome or resolution.
  • Peer Conflict Resolution: Students may also request or be referred by Student Conduct & Academic Integrity to participate in peer-to-peer resolution with the Student Conduct Board. (This option is not currently available but will be coming soon).