Academic Integrity


​Our commitment as a University community to cultivate a culture of academic integrity can only be maintained if we work together. For students, this means that they complete all of their academic work in a way that honestly and fairly demonstrates their knowledge and abilities. For faculty, that means that they work to design and deliver academic work that upholds integrity, and they check to ensure that work is completed with integrity. It also means that faculty report all suspected academic integrity violations to Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is an academic community dedicated to teaching, scholarship, service, inclusion, and the holistic development of Students. Academic integrity is a cornerstone value of the University’s intellectual community. It is important to nurture an atmosphere of honesty, fairness, trust, respect, and mutual responsibility. Integrity is essential because it ensures that Students fairly benefit from their educational experience and pursuits of knowledge. Violating the principles of academic integrity damages the reputation of the University and undermines its educational mission and goals.