Representatives and Advisors


Attorneys or non-attorney advocates who plan to represent a student or Student Organization during the Accountability Procedures must certify on this form that they have read in their entirety, understand, and agree to comply with each of the following documents:

Please note, attorneys or non-attorney advocates are not permitted at any point for allegations governed under the Code of Student Academic Integrity.

If you intend to have an Attorney or other Non-Attorney Advocate represent you, you must submit the Attorney/Advocate Notification form to Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution before they can attend.


Students are permitted to have advisors of their choosing during the student accountability process. Advisors may be family members, friends, or any other individual who will not be actively representing the student. Please reference above if you plan to have an advisor who is an active participant. Students must complete the FERPA Release form for any advisor they intend to have participate in any portion of the student accountability process. For more information on the amount of role of the advisor, please click here to review the Code of Student Responsibility or click here for Advisors relevant to the Code of Student Academic Integrity.