Student Accountability

Policies & Procedures

Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte believes in educating students about their rights and responsibilities. Education is a major component to building accountability and helping to maintain an environment conducive to learning. In accepting admission, students commit their willingness to the continued enhancement of the learning environment in which the rights, dignity, worth, and freedom of each member of the academic community are respected. Students are encouraged to use this resource to enhance their knowledge of the policies to which they have committed to.

As of August 15, 2022, the Code of Student Responsibility (Policy Statement #406) has been revised. The UNC Charlotte Code of Student Academic Integrity (Policy Statement #407) governs student behavior relating to academic work. All UNC Charlotte students are expected to be familiar with both Codes and to conduct themselves in accord with these requirements.

The current version of either document, which may be revised from time to time, shall be available from Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution or Online at the hyperlinks listed below.

Special Note: Any student needing assistance because of a disability may contact the Office of Disability Services at 704-687-4355.

  • To view the Code of Student Responsibility click here
  • To view the Housing Handbook and supplemental documents click here
  • To view the Student Accountability Procedures, please click here