Student Accountability Board


The Student Accountability Board is a volunteer, peer-conduct review system composed entirely of students who serve as board chairs, members, and procedural advisors for cases of alleged Academic Misconduct and Non-Academic Misconduct. Additionally, the Student Accountability Board promotes University values and awareness of the policies and procedures in both the Code of Student Responsibility and the Code of Student Academic Integrity.

Members of the Student Accountability Board act as the original, decision-making body in the format of a hearing panel that makes recommendations for cases in which a student is charged with a policy violation(s) as classified by Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution.

These boards evaluate evidence, apply policy, and weigh the perspective of all involved parties in order to determine if a policy violation may have occurred, and, if necessary, assign educational outcomes for the case.The Student Accountability Board is advised and overseen by Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution and helps uphold the Code of Student Responsibility and the Code of Student Academic Integrity.

Benefits of Involvement

Student Accountability Board members have a unique volunteer opportunity that places them in a role to serve as an agent that helps to uphold UNC Charlotte’s values and community expectations. Student members will be placed in opportunities that will allow them to develop and build skills in communication, critical thinking, applying policy, weighing information, and working with others.

Many of the skills developed within this involvement can be valuable in collecting transferable skills for future educational and professional interests. These members interact with fellow students in a different role that allows them to support and challenge students for their current and future success.

If you have any questions regarding the Student Accountability Board, please contact Collin Ashley at