In Absentia Resolution

Information provided below is intended to summarize and highlight some of the pertinent information for the In Absentia Resolution option, but is not comprehensive and not intended to replace or supplant the information found in the Code.


If the accused student fails to respond within seven (7) days of an initial request for a meeting, the case may be resolved in the student’s absence through an In Absentia Resolution. If this is the case, the accused student

  • Waives their right to a Hearing; and
  • a Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution staff member assigned to the case will make a determination on responsibility for any formal charge(s) and may specify any appropriate sanction(s).
    • If a sanction(s) is assigned, the student will be responsible for completing the assigned sanction(s) by the deadline(s) provided in the outcome letter.

The accused student will be notified of the In Absentia Resolution in writing, typically sent to their University email, no later than five (5) Days after the determination is made. Additionally, we may place a hold on the student’s University account until the student confirms receipt of the written resolution.

The accused student may petition in writing to have their case reopened. The petition must be received within five (5) days of delivery of the written resolution. If granted, we will move forward with either a Mutual Resolution or a Hearing. Factors considered in rescinding the In Absentia Resolution, include, but are not limited to, extenuating circumstances related to why the student failed to respond and access to information not available at the time of the In Absentia Resolution.