Process & Resolution Options

Any UNC Charlotte student, staff member, or faculty member may submit a report via Reports filed are immediately received in our system and are reviewed the next business day. Once the report is received, we will review the report and determine appropriate next steps. Please know that you and any witnesses you identify in the report may be contacted to provide additional information. If you are not a UNC Charlotte community member, please contact Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution at 704-687-0336. In the event of an emergency or crimes or incidents involving imminent threat of harm, contact UNC Charlotte Police and Public Safety at 704-687-2200.

Upon review of the report, if it is determined a policy violation may have occurred we will contact the student via their University email and request they schedule a meeting to discuss the incident and alleged violation(s). The purpose of the accountability process is to help all students be successful. We are committed to providing a fair, impartial, and efficient process facilitated through compassionate conversations in which students are heard, respected, and treated with dignity.

If a student is charged with a violation of the Code of Student Responsiblity, there are several ways the case may be resolved:

  • In Absentia Resolution
  • Mutual Resolution
  • Alternative Resolutions
  • Resolution through Hearing
    • ​Outcome-Only Hearing

More information on these resolution types can be found in the procedures document. Additionally, our office has an open-door policy for anyone who wishes to consult about student behavior, the accountability process, discuss resolution options, or discuss educational outcomes.