Academic Integrity

Fall 2021 Updates

Code of Student Academic Integrity Updates - Effective August 31, 2021

The Code of Student Academic Integrity has been revised to clarify the definition of "cheating" and help faculty members identify the appropriate, more specific charge for a student's behavior; to add the adjudication option of “In Absentia Resolution" to allow for a case to be resolved in a student’s absence if they have not responded to meeting requests; and to clarify that for fairness and equity purposes, all resolutions, even informal ones, will be a part of a student’s academic integrity record.

Access the updated Informal Resolution form here

General Information

Resolution Submission Deadlines

Fall 2021 Term January 10, 2022
Spring 2022 Term May 31, 2022


Please submit all completed Informal Resolutions via the Submission Form by the corresponding deadlines. If you need to submit an Academic Integrity Charge Form for a student who is not eligible for an Informal Resolution or you have been unable to get into contact with the student, please also submit those by the corresponding deadlines. If you have questions or concerns regarding this, please email

Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution staff are available to answer student and faculty questions related to prior conduct history and are available for consultation regarding your academic integrity concerns. For general questions or concerns, please email You can also contact any one of our staff directly for specific needs. As a reminder to faculty, we are unable to release prior conduct information if you call from a non-UNC Charlotte phone number. We strongly encourage you to email your request for a prior conduct check to When emailing, please be sure to use your UNC Charlotte email account and include the student’s first and last name, and student ID number. 

Due to the ongoing concerns with COVID-19, our office will be flexible, to the extent it is reasonable, regarding standard deadlines and other operating procedures. Please do not hesitate to reach out with your questions and concerns. Please Note: Grades received for academic integrity violations during the Spring 2020 or Fall 2020 term cannot be replaced with the Pass/No Credit accommodation.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is an academic community dedicated to teaching, scholarship, service, inclusion, and the holistic development of Students. Academic integrity is a cornerstone value of the University’s intellectual community. It is important to nurture an atmosphere of honesty, fairness, trust, respect, and mutual responsibility. Integrity is essential because it ensures that Students fairly benefit from their educational experience and pursuits of knowledge. Violating the principles of academic integrity damages the reputation of the University and undermines its educational mission and goals.