Faculty FAQs

In many cases, Student Conduct & Academic Integrity can resolve the case through a Facilitated Resolution. Through a Facilitated Resolution, both the Student and Faculty Member will be given an opportunity to share their information. A member of the Student Conduct & Academic Integrity team will review the case information and evidence, and propose a resolution for both parties to review. Both parties will have three (3) business days to review the resolution and either accept or decline it. If both parties accept, then the case is resolved. If either party declines, the case will be referred on to a Formal Resolution (aka: a Hearing). 

​Having a hearing does not mean the student will automatically fail the course or be expelled. Our panel members always try to help students learn from their mistakes and make their decision based on the preponderance of evidence. We also have educational sanctions should a punitive route seem harsh.

Contact Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution or a member of the Academic Integrity Board (AIB) and provide details as to why you believe an act of academic dishonesty is occurring. Once we know the details we can advise you on the best and most appropriate plan of action.

​If you have not heard back from them after the three days, refer this case to Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution and provide details of the proposed settlement. We will reach out to the student and begin scheduling a Facilitated Resolution or Formal Resolution (hearing). 

Yes. If the student contacts you and wishes to sign the Settlement Form after a hearing has been scheduled, you may allow them to sign it up to two (2) days before the hearing.
It’s up to you. Normally once we are made aware of a case we notify the student and outline their rights. However, if you are comfortable notifying the student then we will not object.
Once a Charge Form is completed, you will receive information to your UNC Charlotte email address regarding scheduling requests, hearing confirmations, and other important updates regarding the hearing. We request all evidence you wish the hearing panel to review be submitted to Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution prior to the hearing date so that the Student has time to review all evidence. Additionally, we will take care of redacting evidence (as needed) and make copies for all members of the hearing panel, you, and the student.